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Madrone Avenue Press is a small press which specializes in publishing anthologies and work by women authors.


To date, the Press has published two anthologies of poetry and prose, the first titled, This Cannot Be Me, published in 2005, and the second, I Want You to Know, just released in December, 2007. The writings included in these publications come from the members of Rachel de Baere's writing practice groups ( and present a diversity of voice, style, subject and truth. All pieces are personal and universal in nature.


Madrone Avenue Press was established in 2005 by writer, editor and teacher, Rachel de Baere. The inspiration for the Press' name comes from the Madrone Tree, a native deciduous and evergreen tree found on the Western Coast of the United States and particularly in Marin County, California where Rachel was born and raised.

The Madrone Tree:

Arching over beaches and shallow waters or at the base of rolling hills, the Madrone Tree offers a rich metaphor for the process of writing. Like the written word, the solid, oval leaves of the Madrone are layered with all kinds of life color and meaning - darker greens above and lighter greens beneath. With this diverse layering of leaves, the Madrone trunk's rich, reddish bark peels away and renews itself into a greenish, silvery smoothness - as in the polish of craft. Together, the trunk and its leaves offer a spiral of expression and meaning.

Our second book "I Want You
to Know" is available now.
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Our first anthology "This Cannot
Be Me" is in its second printing.
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